Areas of Practice

Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm

Our firm specializes in various and diverse fields, the most notable of which is tax Law.
In the civilian field, our firm specializes in contract Law, Labor Law, women's Law and tort Law.
In addition, and as a separate department - services in the field of Execution and insolvency Law are provided, including financial and contractual claims as well as private Bankruptcy proceedings and liquidation proceedings for companies.
וכן הליכי פשיטת רגל לפרטיים והליכי פירוק לחברות.

Civil law

Civil law

Civil Law covers many areas of action. Contract Law, by its very nature, concerns many people and entities. This, in light of the fact that any agreement between two parties and more, is subject to contract Law, and thus subject to contractual breaches. A Civil attorney looks at the agreement with a professional eye and can assess the allegedly violated Laws by the parties. In the book by the President of the Supreme Court, Judge Aaron Barak states that contracts are intended to be fulfilled and that the role of the court is to cure any defect and is of no importance.
Most of the Civil actions can be quantify and determined at monetary value, that is, the value of the claim can be estimated with money. The most common case is a contractual agreement which one of the parties has violated.

Real Estate

A Real Estate and Real Estate Lawyer

In general, Real Estate transactions are the largest and most significant transactions a person carries out during his life. Given the high transaction amounts and all the documents required, including the banks' intervention in providing mortgages or loans to individuals, whether it is a small property or a luxurious villa, or the purchase of a business building, urban renewal programs, etc. 38, there is no need to clarify the need Of the parties to assist a Lawyer for the purpose of the transaction.

The role of a Lawyer in the field of Real Estate is to protect the rights of the buyer as well as the protection of the seller's rights. Buyer protection, among other things, from third party liabilities and rights, foreclosures and fraudulent acts. And for the seller, the Lawyer's job is to anchor and defend his rights for consideration, transfer of rights, and, of course, the various aspects of taxation.

In most cases, a single Real Estate attorney represents both parties, both the buyer and the seller because there is no conflict of interest between the parties. Both parties wish to transfer the rights in return for the agreed payment.

Our firm provides Real Estate Law service, protects the rights of the parties, performs for the parties all the required procedures vis-à-vis the various authorities, and offers effective taxation solutions. Before making a Real Estate transaction, it is advisable to consult a Lawyer specializing in the field.

Labor law

Labor law

"The purpose of Labor Law is to protect the employee. The protection of the employee is expressed by the concern that the dignity and freedom enjoyed by the employee as a person will also be guaranteed to him at work. The desire to protect the employee, as mentioned, is reflected in two: In the quest to ensure the economic existence of the worker, expressed by the concern that economic dignity will be conferred on him, and in the desire to ensure that the economic existence of the worker, which is granted to him, will be in human dignity (Human Dignity). One can refer to the assurance of the two parameters that make up the purpose of the Labor Law in one coin, and that is - the concern that the worker will enjoy Social Dignity ... " כבוד כלכלי, ובשאיפה להבטיח שקיומו הכלכלי של העובד, שיוקנה לו כאמור, יהיה בכבוד אנושי. אפשר להתייחס להבטחת שני הפרמטרים שמהם מורכבת תכליתו של משפט העבודה במטבע לשון אחת, והיא – הדאגה שהעובד ייהנה מכבוד חברתי״…
Prof. Ruth Ben Israel
Labor Law (Vol. 1)

Labor Law is part of Civil Law whose purpose is to regulate the employee-employer relationship. Labor relations are characterized by the imbalance and bargaining power between the employee and his employer.

The Supreme Court ruling ruled: “For the most part, the power relations between workers and employers are unbalanced, and social justice requires intervention to protect the worker. Labor Lawyers were therefore designed to prevent the exploitation of workers and to protect their status because if it was left to the "market forces" and contract Law, the status of the workers could be harmed. "
עורכי דין לענייני עבודה נועדו אפוא למנוע ניצולם של עובדים ולהגן על מעמדם משום שאילו הדבר הושאר ל”כוחות השוק” ולדיני החוזים, מעמדם של העובדים היה עלול להיפגע”.

The Labour Court

Labor Law has a special and paramount importance as it is designed to protect the employee from the exploitation of the employer. In Israel, this uniqueness of Labor Law is reflected in the existence of a separate legal system that exists alongside the regular court system and that of the Labor Courts. Cases dealing with the relationship between employee and employer are not discussed in ordinary courts but rather a system of Labor courts when it consists of a national Labor court and a regional Labor court. The uniqueness of this system is also manifested in the composition of the Law [hereinafter: the "court"] which differs from that of the ordinary courts. Despite the uniqueness of the Labor Court, as an employee-friendly court, due to the complexity of the proceedings, it is advisable to use the services of a Labor Lawyer. Because Labor Law is a broad field in itself that has evolved over the years, it is preferable for the parties to hire the services of Labor Law Lawyers.

It is not disputed that the services of a professional Lawyer who is familiar with the field of Labor Law can closely transform and change the face of the picture without noticing, familiarity with the latest Labor Law and case Law can help the Lawyer bring the desired and best result to the employee.

Knowledge of the Law can result in a draconian work agreement and an agreement that both parties can live with, proper steps and good recommendations for minor change may change the termination of the job from resignation to dismissal, and these are just some of the things the Lawyer who deals with the field of Labor will deal with. , ואלה הם רק חלק הדברים בהם יעסוק עורך הדין המלווה את תחום דיני העבודה.

Today, a large part of the employers pays the employee most of his rights under the Law, the small part does not pay and another part has difficulties after which he is unable to continue to pay the employee the rights he requires, so that as soon as the employee turns to a professional Lawyer who is well placed in this field, this will lead to For collecting all the amounts that the employee is entitled to before, the business owners declare Bankruptcy or the closure of the factory, also here the importance of making a timely application and a quick disclosure of things can help the employee.

Family law

Family law

Our firm specializes in family Law, all of our firm's Lawyers have been trained as unique mediators in this field. In a unique area of family Law, there are many but separate legal areas of Family Law that may suddenly drain into one launch point. The field of Family Law includes, among other things, the constitutional and criminal Commercial field. It can even be said that in some ways, the field of Family Law also contains the psychological field, which is not a legal matter. All these and more require an attorney who deals with Family Law with a great deal of expertise, extensive knowledge and experience. In addition, an attorney in this field is required for a great deal of sensitivity and the ability of the bride and listener whether the client or the environment.
What is the role of a Family Lawyer? In what areas are Family Lawyers engaged? About this in the article below, which we linked to the convenience of site visitors:

background: In Israel, the process of dismantling the co-operation was discussed in two courts, which were granted authority and the rabbinical court and the family court. Divorce and marriage matters were and remain the exclusive jurisdiction of the religious tribunal.

The process of dissolution of the partnership between spouses requires intervention and the examination of the property part, including the division of property in the couple's possession, goes to the beginning of the divorce process. In most cases, these are financial matters. Hence, an attorney in this field must have the knowledge and experience in the fields of commerce and economics. When the need arises to sell and register a residence belonging to two spouses, when there is a business for the spouse, when it is necessary to calculate the accumulated social and pension rights and the use of an actuary. An attorney must be well-placed and knowledgeable about child custody and visitation arrangements. These issues, beyond the many emotional complexities associated with them, certainly require a great deal of tolerance, high personal ability, and even a little knowledge and psychological understanding of the human soul from a family Lawyer. This is another area that a family Lawyer should know, although not legal.

Sharing Dissolution Agreement

The divorce procedure is an important point in the lives of spouses who experience it. Most often this is a complex procedure and a constitutive event, in which a family cell comes to a breakup and rupture, which is unlikely to be carried out by the right professionals for many years, especially as there are minors on the minors and how they are raised by the parties, all that implies. As part of a divorce process, spouses are required to regulate a large number of issues, which, during their life together, have been seemingly trivial.
Contrary to popular belief, divorce proceedings do not necessarily have to end with judicial decisions such as rabbinical courts and family courts. A divorce procedure can be easily completed, and in a much more pleasant and simple way, also and especially through a dialogue that will lead to a compromise. The same compromise, referred to in legal terms as "a divorce agreement. The preparation of a Mediation agreement by an attorney who is authorized to mediate in family matters will result in a healthy agreement that the parties can honor after dissolution of their mutual agreement.



In our office, an Execution Department specializing in portfolio management, representing management winners and making arrangements for debtors, alimony cases, Bankruptcy cases until the dismissal through the Bureau of Execution and collection of debts in creative ways, representation in objection / objection to claiming a lump sum, Restricted by means, removal of restrictions, Bankruptcy proceedings under Amendment 47 of the Execution Act.
The economic and business realities in Israel are not simple, especially these days. Many businesses, small and large, face the problem of insolvency every day, as well as collection problems of various kinds. Sometimes, the debtors who exceed the payment arrangements that have been agreed in advance and fail to meet the various payment orders due to temporary liquidity difficulties. In extreme cases, this is about evading payment through the scattering of uncovered sacks, the renunciation of agreements and more.
Because debt collection in general, and the way of conduct with the enforcement and collection system in particular, requires special expertise, the choice of contacting a Law firm dealing with the Execution field is undoubtedly a natural thing.

The importance of taking the procedures and their dates

Businessmen and business owners, including the various self-employed traders, know fully well how to conduct their business in the ongoing business operations. However, many times they do not know how to best act against debtors to different creditors or exchange when they themselves win.

First, actions must be taken as quickly and as promptly as possible, in order to prevent the smuggling of assets or evasion, especially when significant debts are involved. Quick contact with an attorney can be the difference between success and failure. Even and as far as there is no clarity regarding the debt, even then, contacting the right time and as quickly as possible for the Lawyer proficient in the field can make the situation clear. With accumulated experience and the ability to act in a gradual manner, it is possible to turn a supplied debt into a debt collection.

It is undisputed that the condition of some of the debtors and the situation of problematic debts in Israel is bad. The number of checks that are not approved for payment for such and other reasons is very large and quite a few of the businesses are at the stage of Bankruptcy and asset collapse. Therefore, when acting through Execution procedures it is important not only to act quickly and decisively but also in ways that, at the end of the day, will maximize the procedure and ending it in debt collection. Proper activity, which is done through an experienced Execution attorney, will best utilize all the appropriate tools for this. Among other things, he will make judicious use, according to the situation, by means such as:

  • Alert letters before proceeding.
  • Imposing foreclosure before and after issuing a warning about debtor assets.
  • Imposing foreclosure on other parties, as a means of reaching an agreement.
  • Perform various economic investigations, including investigating ability and clarity about the debtor's liquid and non-liquid assets. Before the Executing Registrar.
  • Use of additional sanctions - imposing restrictions on the debtor, such as: a restriction on a driver's license, a restriction on the renewal of a passport, a restriction on the debtor leaving the country, a restriction on the Bank of Israel and more.

Using the right tools and at the right time will ensure the best result. Our office has been operating in the field of the Execution for many years, the execution department in our office provides service to debtors and winners in all areas of enforcement and collection.



It is a legal process, usually of a private person, who is in an economic situation where his liabilities are greater than his assets, therefore he has no ability to pay his debts and is declared and defined or alternatively seeks to be declared and defaulted.
Entering the Bankruptcy proceeding and obtaining a court order by the court grant a protection umbrella against his creditors. The cancellation of all collection proceedings against him, including the cancellation of all the Execution files and the sanctions that were issued to him under the enforcement and collection authority.
The existence of a legal status called Bankruptcy is intended to assist in two primary purposes, one, discharging all of its debts while making good and ill-advised use of the broad protection umbrella given to it by the court order, the second orderly repayment of the debt using the process reform The Bankruptcy and taking into account his financial situation his family situation and the extent of his assets revealed more and more. It is important to note that, as far as winners are concerned, they are obliged to do so because they are the first to receive out of the money order.
Bankruptcy does not protect debtors who have incurred their debts in good faith, however, and to the extent that the debtor will comply with all the debts as the court's instructions will, at the end of the proceeding, get rid of all debts.

Bankruptcy in 18 months

Our office has been asked a lot about the length of the procedure and especially about the possibility of receiving the dismissal within 18 months. We will note that it is definitely possible, under the right circumstances, to receive the dismissal within 18 months. However, it should be borne in mind that in many cases this option will not be discussed. In 2014, the Bankruptcy proceeding was reformed, so that the debtor's right to a "new beginning" as a derivative of the Basic Law: Human dignity and freedom have been strengthened through reform. The reform says, among other things, that the duration of the procedure should be shortened, the possibility of receiving the dismissal conditional after 18 months and, even in the appropriate circumstances, the dismissal of the dismissal after 18 months. We recommend that you seek the services of a Bankruptcy attorney for the purpose of examining the appropriate circumstances.

Mediation and arbitration

Mediation and arbitration

Harari Ran Yosef & Co. Law Firm With extensive experience in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings, Harari Ran Yosef Attorney in addition to being an arbitrator and mediator, is certified by the Institute for Arbitrator and Expert Opinion as Arbitrator and Mediator with expertise. Family Law and more.

Mediation is an alternative and voluntary method for resolving and resolving disputes and disputes outside court walls, where a neutral person assists parties who have conflicting interests to negotiate freely in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties and has no jurisdiction to settle a dispute. The mediator and the parties in this way can avoid the bureaucracy involved in legal proceedings and even save time and the high costs involved. It should be noted that all details and / or documents provided and / or presented as part of the Mediation process are confidential and cannot be presented in court and that there is no reason for the parties to consult with Lawyers on their behalf during the Mediation.

Choosing a mediator or arbitrator is of great importance. A knowledgeable and knowledgeable Lawyer in the field gives him the ability to bring the parties, who have conflicting interests, to consent and thus saves them the lengthy Litigation between court cases and even expenses involved in conducting a court proceeding.

Benefits of the Mediation way of conduct:
  1. It is a voluntary procedure in which both parties must agree.
  2. The mediator is neutral and does not give legal advice to either party.
  3. The mediator has no authority to decide the conflict. Its job is to help litigants reach consensus between them.
  4. The information and / or documents provided during Mediation are confidential and cannot be presented to the court.
  5. . This is a procedure in which the expenses involved are much lower in relation to the expenses involved in a legal process.
  6. This is a much shorter procedure than a court proceeding.
  7. This is a flexible and informal procedure where there are no procedural rules and rules, the meetings are in coordination with the parties.
  8. The agreement that eventually comes to an agreement between the parties is the result of their agreement.
  9. The agreement reached by the parties as part of the Mediation process is binding and may be filed with the court in order to obtain the validity of a judgment.
  10. The Mediation process does not prevent the Court from going to court to discuss the dispute at any stage.

Law of torts

Law of torts

The name known by all "tort laws" includes and elaborates a long article of various stylistic cases in which harm was done to another person or body as a result of an act or omission or inflicting or causing any other harm done by another.

The rules of these cases can find the claims that property damage (e.g., car damage in a car accident) and the informational damage to the body (for example, injury to a person at the laboratory level or department of another) - the purpose of tort law is to compensate the victim so that his condition sits at its most precedent. The damage, to the extent possible, based on the rules laid down in the Tort Order (New Style) 1968.

Among the most recognized cases of tort law are cases of medical malpractice, the physical injury caused by the public administration, property damage, and the body of the status act or department of public or professional bodies and various other types of damages caused by non-compliance with such laws and regulations.

Our offices specialize in the study of the case or the default analysis that caused damage to the collection of relevant material, construction and management of the legal file with the integration of experts if necessary until the court is completed, achieving a maximum result in our clients.

Likewise, and in the same way our offices even when we represent a defendant in the case - the case study identifies the weaknesses of a lawsuit filed against the client, Support experts to examine the case and present proper protection and conduct the case in court i n order to reject the prosecution filed against the client or at the very least to charge minimum compensation to the customer in accordance with the law and regulations.

During the case management we work together with the client, shoulder to shoulder to bring the optimum result to him while maintaining excellent human relations, providing answers to questions and solutions to problems that arise during legal conduct.