About us… in a nut shell

Our vision is to help the common person, providing them with the best service just as big firms are. Assisting them to fulfil their legal rights to the extant especially when big corporations are involved - what actually put these persons in an inferior position in the first place, where their odds to win a case are slim. Our team operates at its best to overlap this gap between the two forces, whilst giving the maximum attention to our clients, fostering them so they feel as strong as the one on the opposite end – David also surrendered Goliath!


L.L.M. Harari Ran Yossef

L.L.M. Shai Hemo

L.L.M. Sapir Moshe (Georgia)

?Why us לבחור בנו?


– Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm, provides its costumers with the best advocates for any legal issue. Our team consists of advocates who are all super professional, creative and motivated that always strive for the best solution and outcome for our clients. The Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm provides services for the legal as well as the economical fields and therefore caters for clients of the private as well as the business sectors.


The office team, that consists of lawyers as well as accountants, is fully devoted to our clients’ needs. Our ability to understand our clients’ distress, and above all, identifying the exact legal / economical issue involved in each and every case addressed – is an inseparable part of our office service DNA.


Our office team members are fully devoted and motivated to eagerly claim our clients civil and legal rights standing against all, and supporting our work with all suitable precedents and levels. During this entire time our office team does its best to put our lawyer-client agreement to practice – we walk our talk!

Personal attention

Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm is characterized by direct and consistent communication with our clients, aiming at an individual care in their matters. Our office team is persistent about giving our clients a personal care and attention, professional advice and tight assistance throughout the entire process, with strong emphasis on integrity, liability and credibility. We are trustworthy all along your journey.

You deserve an uncompromising legal presentation!

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