L.L.B. Shai Hemo Senior partner

Degrees and certifications

(LL.B.) Bachelor degree in Law
(LL.B.) Bachelor degree in Political Science
Member of the Israel Bar Association since 1998

In 2014 L.L.B. Shai Hemo joined as a senior partner to Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm.
L.L.B. Shai Hemo serve in various civil subject matters – legal consultation and escorting to individuals as well as to companies, as of the foundation of the company- composing all necessary agreements for establishing the company, whether as a partnership or not, accompanying and consulting regarding labour law and companies’ divesting and employees’ legal rights.
L.L.B. Shai Hemo attains a vast experience in managing lawsuits related to law of torts and insurance, including lawsuits involving car accidents, body injuries, and different insurance lawsuits.
Among L.L.B. Hemo’s expertise is the real-estate field; composing agreements and selling contracts, managing shared homes related lawsuits with the Shared homes inspector, as well as the Execution department, insolvency processes, bankruptcy and up to be absolved.
In the past L.L.B. Hemo represented in front of any tribunal in Israel, including professional committees, mediating, and every court of law.
In addition he was the Chairman of the dispute committee for municipal rates in Yokneam municipality, was a member in the business licencing committee in Yokneam municipality, and a management member in HaPoel association, Yokneam Illit.


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