Owner and founder of Harari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm

Degrees and certifications

(LL.B.) Bachelor degree in Law, Carmel college
(LL.M.) Master degree in Law, Law Faculty at Haifa University – expertise in Law of Judgment and the Criminal Procedure
expertise in Law of Judgment and the Criminal Procedure.
Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2013
Certified Military Advocate
Arbitration – certified by The Israeli Institute for witness opinions experts and arbitrators
Mediation – certified as a mediator by National Institute for Mediation and Family courts
Graduate of the academic faculty at the College of Business Management-specialization in accounting.
Graduate accounting studies at the College of Business Management, Continuing Education faculty.
Graduate of the Israeli S.E.C. – investments consultation’ investment marketing, and clients’ Investment portfolios management
Licenced real-estate agent.

In 2000 L.L.M. Harrari founded Shaked Finance G.S. Ltd. firm. – a company that provides services for accounting, business consulting, escorting and guiding - for individuals and existing businesses.

Out of the understanding of the need to combine the different judging fields along with the commerce and accounting subject matters, in 2013 he founded Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm which continuously accompanies both individuals and businesses in various issues of all of those possibly overlapping cases.

L.L.M. Harrari specializes in legal and accounting consultation, constant and devoted to companies in a broad variety of fields, among which are contracts and agreements composing and editing, throughout litigation in the different law and accountancy areas – all according to client’s needs. In addition, L.L.M. Harrari specializes in labour law, including composition of hiring agreements, providing a legal opinion, and managing litigation lawsuits in courts of labour matters.

L.L.M. Harrari is well experienced in managing bankruptcy lawsuits, companies’ divesting and insolvency processes up to be absolved. In addition, and as a part of his expertise, L.L.M. Harrari manages Execution lawsuits both as representing prosecutors or defendants, handling negotiation for debt clearing settlements.

Amongst his various expertise, L.L.M. Harrari is a practiced lawyer in Family affairs law, including managing Family Afairs cases, divorce, composing divorce agreements, representing in the rabbinic court and Family affairs court, heritage law including writing and composing wills for heritage, managing and settling disagreements in family affairs and even is a certified as a family affairs certified as a mediator by National Institute for Mediation and Family courts.

L.L.M. Harrari is an expert in various additional fields among which you can find Insurance laws (he obtains a rich past experience of managing numerous insurance claims of different nature both as an insurance agent and as a Supervisor for insurance companies). All of this is being used and comes to practice when handling law suits that involve cases that refer to insurance law.


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