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Georgia Desk

Hari Ran Yosef Law Firm is a dynamic and business-oriented firm. The firm's staff is made up of Lawyers, Lawyers and accountants.
The firm is the ultimate support center for anyone interested in business or personal activities with the State of Israel and / or other countries.

Branches of our offices in Israel and the office located in Ein Haemek, are providing their services abroad through offices located in Georgia – one branch located in Tbilisi and another branch set in Batumi. In addition, the firm provides Litigation services to clients and businesses in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, with the intention of expanding the firm's activities and branches abroad.

In addition to legal qualifications and degrees in economics, accounting and business management, part of our firm's staff consists of attorneys who are qualified and certified to practice Law in foreign jurisdictions such as Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, bringing the combination of local perspectives to a professional and broad international perspective.

In addition to a wide range of global business support activities, the firm's international platform serves as a bridge designed to assist Israelis abroad, or anyone who needs contact and engages in activities with the various authorities whether in Israel or in foreign countries with other official bodies.

The firm is increasingly involved in providing innovative smart solutions for diverse clients in the country and around the world.
Litigation in various jurisdictions, tailored to companies operating in Israel and Georgia across all its provinces, Russia and other former CIS countries.

Where imagination surpasses reality -

The Israel-Georgia Desk is a platform designed to provide first-class services to organizations in both Georgia and Israel in various fields of Law:
Criminal Law - Criminal Litigation, Legal Counseling and Client Counseling From Focal Points to Litigation to Tribunals in Local Courts.
Areas of Civil and Commercial Law - Litigation in Civil and Commercial Law, Legal Counseling and Client Counseling from early stage to Litigation before hearings in Local Courts.
The fields of Civil and Commercial Law are broad - ranging from business consulting, drafting contracts and agreements, drafting Labor agreements, Litigation, Mediation and settlement of Civil and Commercial disputes, and more.
In addition, the firm specializes in Real Estate - escorting Real Estate transactions from the stage of drafting the sales agreements, drafting a purchase contract to listing the actual property in the relevant institutions.

Georgia's professional desk, based in Georgia, focuses on assisting private clients and Israeli companies in penetrating the Georgian market as well as in Real Estate transactions in former CIS and Georgia districts.

In addition, the desk aims to help Georgia companies and former CIS countries related to the desk, invest in business in Israel, raise funds in the Israeli capital market, and borrow and assist in mergers and acquisitions in various fields and their real estate.

The desk combines a wide range of services and provides the following benefits to ensure exceptional service to its customers:

  • One point of contact
  • Local Hebrew-speaking English and Georgian Russian and Arabic teams can bridge cultural gaps.
  • Personalized approach that meets the needs of both companies and private customers of all sizes and is tailored made to all special requirements and business and financial goals.