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Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm

Harrari Ran Yosef & Co. Law firm is an office that embeds the benefits of a large size law office in a medium size one. The office provides his clients a personal, efficient and unique service, intertwined with professional excellency in the various practicums.
The office structure is one which allows a professional and to the point service, while at the same time granting our clients a large volume legal service - catering for different legal situations, whilst deeply studying the situation per case along with the clients needs and activities.
Our office provides services in all main three language – Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Director & Owner, Adv. Harari ran Yosef holds an M.A. in Law on behalf of Haifa University, in addition to graduate studies in economics and capital markets and accounting ministry owners.

Choosing your lawyer

Any law firm should be able to cater to any person in need, providing the ability to assist in as wide spectrum as possible of various legal situations.
. In the civil area, our office has a vast experience in litigation and management of large complicated lawsuits, managing civil claims, financial and contractual lawsuits, land involved claims, disputes and dispute requests, petition handling and submission to court of law and to the Supreme Court, and representation in the retail field.
Managing a civil lawsuit requires a long-term thinking, a good experience in negotiation, in the retail filed, a deep understanding of the data received and the ability to develop strategies for managing and carrying this lawsuit until the very successful end of it achieving the best gain possible. Same with handling criminal lawsuits.
Choosing a lawyer to represent you requires a very careful examination, as well as an accurate pre-definition of - the situation, the required tools and milestones for the entire process, and above all - the desired outcome.

Among our services:

  • Managing civil lawsuits
  • Managing family affairs lawsuits
  • Managing labour related lawsuits (employee-employer)
  • Managing law of torts related lawsuits
  • Managing traffic lawsuits
  • Managing real-estate and urban renewal lawsuits
  • Managing lawsuits at courts of law including administrative petitions and Supreme court
  • Collection / Execution department and bankruptcy
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Financial department – economic Consulting and accompaniment, accountancy services and money laundering.
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